1-Gal. PermiPlate 0IS Eco-Friendly Polyurethane

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Protect one of your greatest investments using PermiPlate 0IS, a revolutionary modified hybrid polyurethane concrete sealer. The two component, eco-friendly polyurethane is manufactured without isocyanates; it's a safe alternative to toxic two-part top coats.

As a self-priming hybrid polyurethane concrete sealer, PermiPlate 0IS combines the high chemical resistance properties of epoxy flooring with the advanced durability and wear resistance properties of polyurethane. Its 100% solids self-priming and self-leveling formulation allows PermiPlate 0IS to be applied at most thicknesses in just one coat (depending on condition of substrate).

PermiPlate 0IS is used to protect indoor and outdoor concrete floor surfaces or metal from heavy wear and chemical erosion--making PermiPlate 0IS an ideal industrial concrete sealer.

Based on testing, PermiPlate 0IS is twice as durable, has 15-30% greater adhesion and is 28 times less porous than conventional polyurethane (it is virtually water proof). Due to its zero isocyanate formulation -- zero VOC, and minimal odor -- PermiPlate 0IS can be applied in work environments without shutting down the HVAC system or ceasing adjacent workplace production activities--saving 30-60% in application costs.

Coverage: 160 sq feet per mixed gallon at 10 mils thickness.

PermiPlate 0IS concrete sealer is available in 1 quart, 1, 5 and 55 gallon containers. Coverage rate for unsealed surfaces is approximately 160 square feet per mixed gallon at 10 mils thickness.

Install with a notched squeegee and/or porcupine roller.

Applications and Benefits: As a self-leveling polyurethane, PermiPlate 0IS is ideal for industrial and commercial buildings, garages, chemical plants, warehouses, monolithic flooring for civil, industrial and military marine applications. PermiPlate 0IS is an industrial and professional polyurethane developed specifically for coating professionals who are experience in the use of two-part coating solutions. It's stronger than epoxy flooring systems, yet it leverages the chemical resistance properties of epoxy. Other applications and benefits include:
> Permanent anti-graffiti coating
> Exceptional durability
> Strong elasticity (like epoxy flooring)
> Self-priming & self-leveling - One coat!
> Eco-friendly zero-isocyanate formula is VOC compliant
> Virtually waterproof concrete sealer
> Versatile applications; not just a concrete sealer!
> Minimal business interruption

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