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NewLook's 100% Epoxy is a heavy-duty, two-component protective epoxy top coat sealer with 100% solids content. This professional grade solution may be used with or without aggregate or tinting pigment. NewLook's 100% Epoxy is designed to protect a variety of (decorative) surfaces with incredibly strong chemical and abrasion resistance.

Use as a fast-setting decorative coating to protect, seal and waterproof concrete surfaces (e.g. counter tops) from abrasion, water, oils, strong acids and many organic or inorganic solvents. Used on concrete floors and walls of dairies, packing plants, hospitals, restaurant kitchens, retail stores, concrete counter tops and an overlay system. Use with color tint packs to add color and enhance the aesthetic appeal. Read the technical data sheet for more information.

Color Tip: To add a vibrant and translucent color, tint 100% Epoxy with NewLook's Color Additive Booster.

Packaging: 100% Epoxy is a 3-gallon kit comprised of two parts A and one part B (one gallon each).

Coverage: Approximately 100 to 225 square feet per mixed gallon depending on desired thickness. Fully mixed kit yields three mixed gallons and covers up to 3 x 225 = 675 square feet.

Technical & Performance Info:
- Mix ratio (parts by volume): 2:1 (A to B)
- Solids content: 100%
- Mixed Pot Life (at 70埠F): 30 to 45 minutes
- Color: Clear, light amber
- Tensile strength: 10,000 psi
- Flexural strength: 24,000 psi
- Compression strength: 19,000 psi
- Finish: Gloss

NOTE: This product is for professional use only. Performance metrics are dependent upon correct mixing and installation. It is critical that the multi-component kit is mixed and installed exactly according to instructions. Please use common sense. Read the technical data sheet completely before use.

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