5-Gal. DriveHard PRO - Concrete Weatherproofer & Fortifier


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DriveHard PRO is a premium concrete and masonry weatherproofer and fortifier. It penetrates into the surface to create a chemical bond that prevents damage from many common problems, including repeated freeze-thaw cycles. DriveHard's patent-pending lithium silicate formula creates a breathable, durable and water-repellent surface. It leaves a natural-looking finish that does not create a film or change the surface texture (or color).

Note: This product is a professional grade solution developed for professional installers who are experienced and trained in the use of this type of product.

Available in 1 and 5 gallon containers. Covers approximately 200 square feet per gallon.

Features & Benefits

- Permanently fortifies concrete, masonry & brick

- Excellent water-repellent properties

- Prevents many common concrete problems

- Protects from water-borne salt damage & erosion

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